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GEL-AIRE Pressure Relief Mattress
SIZE: 2290MM x 890MM (80" x 35 ")
+ 100% Medical Quality Silicone Gel
+ Lightweight
+ Portable
+ 10 Air Chambers-Superior Inflation

Features And Benefits

Automatically adjusts a network of 360 interconnected skin-friendly silicone gel and air bolster cells that provide customized relief levels for each patient, regardless of weight.

Re-distributes the weight loads to more pressure tolerant parts of the body.

Minimizes the effects of pressure, shear and heat build-up.

Maintains constant air pressure for hours.

Ideal for situations requiring frequent repositioning by the patient or care-giver.

Delivers customized pressure relief while providing a stable surface for maximum functional flexibility, yet helps maintain safer positions.

Provides an effective therapeutic solutions for ulcer prevention.

Easy to install, inflates in minutes using air refill pump included.

Product Specifications
Size 80"L x 35 "W x 2.5"H
Packaging 1 per carton

Mattress: TPU film over silicone gel
Cover: Polyurethane covered nylon

Warranty 2 years
Weight Limit 130 kgs/300 lbs
A network of interconnected silicone gel and air bolster cells automatically re-distributes applied pressure and provides customized, therapeutic relief.
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