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Other Products

Ring-Shaped Cushion
Contains silicone gel for maximum comfort and pressure relief.
Ideal for supporting head, neck, elbows and feet.


Gel+Medic Bra Shoulder Strap
Silicone gel insert for bra shoulder straps that provides maximum comfort and pressure relief.


Gel+Medic Back Close Pouch Cushion
Silicone gel back close pouch cushions relieve pressure and pinching from hooks and eyes.


Foot Fixers Gel-Cushion Pressure Relief Foot Pads For ball of foot, heel and orthotic arches.  Reduces pain, provides superior shock Absorption and excellent cushioning comfort.

  Foot Fixers Gel-Cushion Foot Shield
Prevents friction and rubbing between toes and tight-fitting shoes, reduces pressure points and painful conditions.

OEM/ODM Products and Private Label Program

As a global leader in the use of silicone gel, we are committed to using only 100% medical quality silicone gel in all of our products. Taiwan Silicone Development is the owner of 15 patented and 3 patent-pending techniques related to the use of silicone gel products.

We are very proud of our standard product line, however , we also understand that the combination of your product expertise and our production technology could open the door to the creation of dynamic, new products as well as improvements to existing items. We would welcome the chance to discuss any OEM/ODM or private label opportunities which you believe may exist.



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